Support the Project!

This Stuff doesn't just happen.  It takes a LOT of hard work and expensive equipment.  If this is a project that you believe in, please support it!  All support will go towards making this site and the concept grow.  I have set up several different options of donation, but if you don't see the amount you'd like to contribute, just purchase multiple options!


And You Don't Need A PayPal Account!  Once you choose your options, if you don't have a paypal account, just look for the credit/debit card options towards the bottom of the page.

Simple Support

Make a $10 donation.  Just right for simply showing support for the concept.  And don't forget to share the page on your social networks!

A Little More Support

$25 will get your name on the wall as a supporter. Make a name for yourself, litterally.  Any name you give me, I'll post!  (Nothing explicit)

Truly Supportive!

A $50 donation will get your name up as a supporter, and I'll send you 10 Postcards with the EMM logo!

Company Sponsorship!  For $100, you and/or your company will be listed as an Associate Producer, and a link to your site will accompany it.